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Website opens for Pre-orders annually mid-May through June 1st.
Harvest occurs around mid-July.
Garlic cures for 4-6 weeks.
Shipping begins around mid-August for table garlic.
Seed garlic ships approximately early October.
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Garlic is native to central Asia and has been used for over 7,000 years. Scientifically known as Allium Sativum, garlic has both culinary and medicinal purposes.  Within the species, garlic has two subspecies: Allium sativum var. ophioscorodon or hardneck garlic and Allium sativum var. sativum or softneck garlic.  Within each two subspecies are a total of 10 different "groups/types" of garlic.  Hardnecks consist of: Asiatic, Creole, Glazed Purple Stripe, Marbled Purple Stripe,  Porcelain, Rocambole, Purple Stripe and Turban.  Softnecks consist of: Artichoke and Silverskin.