Wisconsin Peaches


Contender - Freestone Variety

A hybrid of ‘Summercrest’ x ‘Redhaven’, released in 1987 by the North Carolina Agricultural Experiment Station. It is one of the heartiest of all the peaches and is productive well into Zone 4. Contender is mostly yellow with a slight red undertone on large peaches 2.5-3 inches in diameter. Contender is an extremely sweet peach and Wisconsin soils add just a touch of unique “tang” that you can also taste in local crops like potatoes.

Available in mid August.


Elberta - Freestone Variety

Elberta is one of the most popular peaches in the US. It has a nice crimson blush over a golden yellow color. This peach makes for a great eating, freezing, canning and jam making peach. Elberta is a freestone variety and has a low seed to fruit ratio.

Available late July to early August.


Reliance - Freestone, Classic Canning Variety

This variety of peach is yellow with dark red patches.  It's a cold-hardy peach that's juicy and great for canning, freezing and eating!  The bright yellow firm flesh is honey sweet and fine flavored.

Available about mid August.


Suggested Best Eating

Cut in quarters, pulling from stone and removing skins.  Ripe picked: can eat or freeze in 3-5 days!


Our peach season typically begins early to mid-August! Limited quantities!